Introducing Chef Kevin Wootton

gourmetWhat can I say – Food Is My Passion!

Chef Kevin Wootton

Having been in the food and restaurant industry for over 25 years, my love for food truly began as a young boy in my grandmother’s kitchen in New Mexico.  Observing her and my parent’s unique expertise in that area, I quickly began to appreciate the exciting art of cooking. It’s the primary influence in my life as a chef, it determined who I am and the food I cook.

Growing up in southern California is where I was introduced to finer foods in life, when my father worked at some of the most prestigious restaurants and yacht clubs in Newport Beach, California

After many years of preparing dishes for family and friends, I made the decision to perfect my own culinary talent.  I enrolled at the Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona where I completed my degree in 2007.

During my term at the Culinary Institute, I was awarded the Gold Medalist Winner of the Arizona Skills Competition.  Being in the hospitality industry for 27 years I acquired invaluable experience within ‘the front and back of the house’ as is known in the business, in addition to having the pleasure of working with some of the ‘big name’ chefs in the valley.

Its been a fact of my life and of my work that Food Brings People Together

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